Discover The Mistake You're Making That's Costing You Money & Ruining Your Appearance.
From Slob To GQ: I Finally Reveal How I Did It (& How You Can Too)...
You're a man who values his time, so I want to get straight to the point.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following statements read on, if not... I don’t want to waste your time; this isn’t for you. 

Are you a man fed up with how you dress but don’t have enough money to do something about it?

Do you feel like you're always wearing the same thing over and over again and you can't afford to buy anything else?

Or are you a man who simply struggles with what clothes to spend your money on and how your clothes should fit?

If you answered yes to either one of those questions, read on.
I’m Paul (good to meet you) and 7 years ago my life changed.

I was 19, I had no confidence, I put on weight and I worked a 9-5 job on basic pay.

I’d just lost my Dad to suicide after he fell into depression and if I’m honest with you… I was in a dark place in my life.

 I won’t bore you with the full details (there’s more out there already on my story) but I want to focus on one thing.
Just one thing that changed everything for me.

A decision.

I made a simple decision to dress better to see if I could feel better about myself… 

That one decision changed everything for me but to be honest… I struggled.

* I didn’t have the money to dress how I wanted. 

 * I felt like I wore the same thing over and over again.

* Whenever I did buy something I’d wear it a few times and then end up resenting it, storing it away in my wardrobe. 

* I shopped the sales but struggled to find anything that fitted right. 
I saw others wearing suits that fitted perfectly, I saw others always looking sharp and it made me honestly feel shit.

Fast forward 7 years and looking back to that thing that held me back...

Feeling like I didn’t have enough money to dress how I wanted.

I could have easily overcome it if someone showed me what I know now.
I went from dressing (and feeling) like a slob to being featured on GQ, Vogue, Esquire and The Huffington Post but honestly… 

… the results could have been A LOT quicker if someone showed me how.

If someone gave me the right advice I needed.
* Imagine having someone show you how to never waste a cent on clothing ever again. 

* Imagine having someone show you how to buy the best clothing for less.

* Imagine someone show you exactly how your clothes should fit and what looks good on you (and what doesn’t). 

* Imagine never having to worry about what to wear to a job interview, a wedding, a date or an important event. 

* Imagine never having a bad haircut (or embarrassing hairstyle) ever again. 

* In fact imagine being able to look and feel the best you ever have within 7 days (not 7 years)…
Stop over confusing the process by dealing with information overload and browsing website after website.

Stop making bad decisions and buying clothing that simply doesn’t fit or compliment you in anyway.

If you continue to dress and feel like you do right now… what will change?

There is only one right answer…

It’s staring at your right in the face.

It’s time to wake up.

Are you ready to do something about it?

I can show you how to dress better and feel confident within the next 7 days without spending more than you currently do on clothes.

Now you can get your hands on it.
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I want to spend just 2 minutes showing you that whatever is holding you back from dressing and feeling how you want can be resolved with this one simple piece of advice.

One line that will change your mind about how you’re feeling right now.


You don’t need money to dress better and feel confident.”

Want proof?

Money doesn’t buy you class.

If you gave me $100,000 back when I was 19 for clothing I would have mis-spent $90,000 of it.


Because I wouldn’t have had a clue what to spend it on.

I probably would have invested in tailor made suits from Savile Row costing $6,000 a suit, maybe I would have headed to Milan and raided all of the designer shops and I probably would have bought myself a Rolex.

All of this whilst I was still working from home, not needing to wear suits and pretending to be someone I really wasn’t. 

Lack of money isn’t the issue; the real issue is how you spend it.

Think back to the last 5 years…

How much have you spent on clothing? 

Add up what you’ve spent on t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, trousers, jeans, socks, underwear, shoes, coats, jackets, belts, ties and watches in the past 5 years...

I’m guessing you’ve still spent a good amount of money on clothes.

Now how many of those items don’t you wear anymore? 

How many did you have to throw away, give away or you’ve simply hoarded away in your wardrobe?

Again, I can almost guarantee it’s a lot.

Even when I didn’t have money to buy the clothes I wanted I still spent (and wasted) money on the wrong choices.
I’d buy shirts for a night out I’d wear a few times and then never wear again, shoes that would look battered after a few months, items of clothing I wanted to wear but thought I might be judged if I did.

Money isn’t the issue, your choices are.

When you know WHERE to spend your money and WHAT ON you can truly start to dress and look the way you want.

Don’t believe me?

I remember walking into an Italian restaurant in London about a year ago. 

I wore a Navy suit, a white shirt and some double monk strap shoes. In fact, this was the exact outfit I wore.
The owner greeted us and complimented my suit.

“Tailor made?” he asked, in which I responded “No” with a grin on my face.

The Italian restaurant owner couldn’t believe the suit wasn’t bespoke, and he couldn’t believe it further when I told him the whole outfit cost $200.

That’s $200 for the suit (he thought was bespoke), the shirt, the shoes and even the underwear and socks lol. 

 I had to show him my emails confirming the price of each item. 

 Why did he think he looked expensive? 

 The whole outfit fitted perfectly, it went together well and I wore it confidently. 

 Now even if $200 for a formal outfit is out of your budget range right now it doesn’t matter... 

 The point I’m trying to make is simple... 

 A $200 outfit can be perceived as a $2,000 outfit if you know what to buy and how to wear it. 

 How much did you spend on the last item of clothing you bought? 

 $5? $10? $20? $50? $100? 

 You know what? 

 It doesn’t matter how much you spend. 

 Because even with little money to spend on clothing, if you know the exact items to buy and what to look for a small investment can go a long way. 

 If you remember anything from this page today, remember this…

It isn't how much money you spend it's how you spend it.


The main thing holding you back from dressing better and improving your confidence right now is a lack of knowing what to buy, rather than a lack of money.
There’s two main things you need to focus on to improve how you dress. 

 The first thing is fit. 

 You’ve probably heard this before but well fitted clothing will dramatically transform the way you look and also the way you feel. 

 A simple combination of a blazer or sports jacket, a white button-down shirt, a pair of formal wool trousers and a pair of brogues can create a completely different impression dependent on the fit. 

 If the jacket sleeves are too long and it’s not tapered correctly, if the shirt is oversized and the trousers are baggy you’re going to walk round like you’ve been handed down your Dad’s wardrobe. 

 On the other hand if the jacket sleeves show 1/4 inch of shirt cuff, the jacket and shirt are tapered correctly and the trousers fit and break as they should you’ll create a completely different impression. 
 Even if you’re overweight, the way your clothing fits will still have a huge impact

 When I packed on the pounds I tended to either wear clothing that was too small (which I used to get into) or clothing that was too big (to hide that beer gut and those moobs). 

 All in all I thought being overweight meant whatever I wore wouldn’t look good. 

 Again I was wrong. 

 Knowing what to wear and how it should fit would completely transform the way others saw me. 

So focus on fit, got it?

 The second piece of advice is quality is more important than quantity.

 Think about your wardrobe right now... 

 How many items are in there? 

Think about all the t-shirts, the jeans, the trousers, the shirts, the jackets, the coats, the suits, the underwear and the socks... even your shoe collection. 

 How many items of clothing do you still own that you haven’t worn recently? 

 Looking back I used to have a wardrobe bursting with clothing but I only used to wear the same few outfits on rotation. 

 Improving the way you look and feel as a man is all about investing in the right clothing, rather than buying too much of the wrong clothing.

 As soon as I realised this I started to spend my money more wisely. 

Think about it... 

 You might go and spend $20 on a shirt. 

 You’ll wear that shirt on a night out, you might wear it again a week later and maybe a few times after that but you soon start to resent the fact that you’re wearing the same shirt over and over again. 

 Not only that but because you bought a $20 shirt that wasn’t made well with every wear and with every wash it’s starting to look ready for eBay. 

 That shirt gets stored away in your wardrobe and you go out and buy another shirt, repeating the process. 

 I used to do this with every item of clothing I owned. 

 Now if we worked out the math it would work like this... 

 On average a $20 shirt I would wear 20 times. That’s $1 spent for every time I wear it. 
After about 20 wears I started to resent the shirt, I thought people would think I wear the same thing every day and the wears and washes start to take their toll. 

 On the other hand if I knew what to look for in a shirt and where to go I could have spent a bit more on the shirt to guarantee the quality and guarantee that I could wear it over and over in a variety of different ways. 

 That shirt may cost $40 up front but I’d wear it over and over again for years to come. 

 The quality of manufacturing and the fabric will mean it won’t look damaged after a few wears and washes and the versatility will mean I can wear it over and over again in a variety of ways. 

 That $40 shirt I’d likely wear 100 times, and sometimes more. The price per wear would be 40 cents in this case. 
Trust me when I say this, quality clothing doesn’t mean expensive clothing. 

 Sure spending more is often the benchmark to know you’re getting a better quality item of clothing but in many cases you often pay for branding. 

 I still shop at the same stores I used to. 

I still spend less than $10 on a t-shirt. 

 The difference now is I know what to look for...

I know the difference between a quality item of clothing and a badly made item of clothing...

And I can wear everything in my wardrobe in a variety of ways.

 Focusing on these two things alone will transform the way you dress.

 These two things alone will allow you to dress better without spending a lot of money, they’ll mean you can improve your appearance even when you’re not happy with your weight and most importantly you’ll be a lot more confident choosing and wearing your clothing. 

 But how should your clothes fit? 

 What should you look for when buying new clothing? 

 How can you save money whilst looking the best you ever have? 

 I want to show you how to look and feel the best you ever have whilst saving money in the process...

I want to show you everything I know inside the MFM Academy.
Just $67 for lifetime access to the MFM Academy
How to look the best you ever have and unlock a huge amount of confidence without wasting away your money.
 Of course knowing that fit and focusing on quality means you technically could leave this page right now and get started. 

It’s what I did. 

But I learnt the hard way that trial and error not only takes longer for you to get results but it often wastes money in the process. 

You could skip the cost of taking action today and continue to spend money on clothing as you've been doing.

You may make some wise choices, buying clothing that's better fitting and better made...

But I can almost guarantee in 6 months you'd have spent money on clothing you didn't wear much (as you're doing right now).

What you've learnt on this page scratches the surface of what you need to know.

There's other factors to consider...

Your hairstyle, dress codes for different occassions, your grooming routine, your posture, wearing clothing confidently and even how to shop effectively. 

Sure you can find this online...

But how much time (and again money) will you waste until you get it right?

I wanted to combine everything I learnt across the past 6 years into one place you could access and benefit from instantly. 

One place where you can follow along and get results.

 These are the results you can expect. 
* I’ll show you exactly what to look for in clothing so you’ll never over pay for something ever again. 

* Discover the 3 items of clothing that are hugely affordable but will make look more classy. 

* You won’t even need to buy a whole new wardrobe, you’ll find out how to get the most out of the clothing you already own alongside how to build a versatile wardrobe suitable for formal and casual occassions with just 10 items of clothing. 

Tip: Spread your budget wisely. Buying cheap shoes will make you look cheap, where as wardrobe staples can be bought affordably. 
* You’ll find out the trick I use to get every item of clothing I own to fit me perfectly without spending money on bespoke tailoring. 

* I’ll give you the exact guidelines I use so you know how your clothing should fit. 

* Too small? Too big? If you’re not sure if something fits you well I’ll give you my personal advice so you don’t make any mistakes. 

Tip: Don’t ignore fit. It’s as simple as that. Ill fitting clothing is holding you back from looking the best you possibly can. 
* Losing weight is a long term goal, so I’ll show you how to instantly improve your style giving you an instant boost of confidence. 

* Discover what clothing makes you look slimmer than you are. 

* Why baggy clothing makes you look bigger. I’ll show you the balance between feeling comfortable and looking slimmer. 

Tip: The confidence you’ll receive from dressing better will give you the confidence to start losing weight.
* Discover what clothing makes you more attractive to women. 

* The simple grooming routine and hairstyle that takes 3 minutes each day that improves how good looking you are. 

* Be the man in the room that everyone wants to talk too

Tip: Wearing clothing that makes you stand out (better know as peacocking) will also make you look ridiculous. What you’ll discover in the Academy will get you the right kind of attention. 
* Recent studies proved that a well dressed man makes $150,000 more throughout their lifetime. 

* Discover what to wear to a job interview or business meeting to guarantee you leave a positive impression. 

* The clothing and colours that make you look powerful to get more of what you want in life. 

Tip: Just improving the way you dress can change someones perception of you. The effect you have on others when dressed well will unlock new levels of success. 
* Discover how to feel great in everything you wear. No more wasting time changing over and over again because you don’t feel confident in what you’ve chosen. 

* No more worrying what people think, you’ll discover how to dress for you and you only. 

* Unlock your confidence to be able to talk to anyone and make a lasting impression. 

Tip: Try feeling good wearing a baggy t-shirt and jeans. See how confident you immediately feel when you dress well, look good and you have no fear about what people think of you. 

I know what you’re thinking right now…. 

“I don’t know if this is right for me.” 

“Maybe I can just browse online and do this on my own.” 

“I guess my style isn’t really that bad.” 

“I’ll just wait and see.” 

These are just pure excuses and you know it. 

You’re not going to wake up one morning and feel awesome about how you look. 

No one is going to give you attention or say you look great if you continue to dress the same as you do now. 

You’re going to continue wasting money buying the wrong clothing and wearing the same thing over and over again. 

This is on you. 

It’s on you to make that change. 

It’s on you to take the action! 
How to look the best you ever have and unlock a huge amount of confidence without wasting away your money.
I’ve shown you my story, now it’s time to show you some other members of the Academy and what they’ve achieved. 
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See you on the inside...

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